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Development is going on

Again some news from development:

This time I can not write from very big new features in Widelands - I am sorry but noone worked on one... face-wink.png - but yet the changes are more than worse to be written down:

And agains some more functionalities were implemented:

  • An editor tool to set a new origin in the map. This tool will make it possible to get an island properly centered, instead of divided in 4 corners when a minimap is generated with an external tool, such as the one used in the map download section.
  • An advanced options menu holding some options for advanced users.
  • Some new arguments you can give Widelands at start up that allow the configuration of the information that is shown about a building if hitting "c" and "s".

And some more changes - artwork changes:

  • A new ingame song was added and it seems as if more music will follow in near future.
  • A new campaign map was added (third barbarian campaign) and the existing campaigns were improved.
  • Some new loading screens were added (winterland and barbarian campaign)

Some of these new features and artwork additions can be seen in our screenshot section.

And yes that is the point where I want to point to the new features and additions that were added to our homepage in last time but haven't been announced yet:

  • We again have a screenshot section.
  • The page now supports smilies in forums and even in our news face-wink.png
  • The FAQ was restored, improved and added to the menu
  • A searchbox was added so everyone can easier find the information (s)he is searching for

And of course I should not forget the biggest work that was done in Widelands and also on it's homepage: Bug fixes, bug fixes and even more bug fixes ;-).

But even this long text is not holding all changes, so if you are interested in more information, you should take a look at the ChangeLog face-wink.png

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