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Map contest: Final community voting

The members of the jury agreed on the maps for final community voting. If you like to participate in this voting, please take a look at all nine maps and try to give an objective vote for your favourite map afterwards.

Following maps are the final candidates:

  • __Crater__by Tarrei
  • Four mountains by Quappo
  • Islands at war by Tuxlands
  • Last Bastion by Another Barbarian
  • Mystical Maze by Tuxlands
  • Rendez-Vous by Quappo
  • The far north by Another Barbarian
  • The pass through the mountains by Quappo
  • Three warriors by Quappo

If you want to download the maps and/or to vote for your favourit one, please visit our contest page (Now offline).

Note: You will need a current SVNBuild for some of these maps to load. You will find information on such builds on our contest page.

0 comments Posted by Nasenbaer on 2008-09-06, 20:10

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