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Map contest: end of submission time

The end of submission time for our map contest has been reached. The forum threads for submission have been closed and all jury members started their work. 11 non scenario maps were uploaded, while no scenario map was submitted to our contest. First point is absolute positive, as a lot of these maps are as good or even better as the ones we already had in our official releases. So first outcome of this contest: we got the maps we searched for. Second point is a pity. But we already bargained before start of map contest, that there will not be more than one or two submissions in scenario map category, as we developers know, how hard it is to write such scenarios with our current editor. And last but not least one other outcome of the map contest are some improvements and bugfixes on the editor.

What's up next? Well, the jury will decide which maps will participate in final voting and as soon as these maps are chosen, vote time will begin (so perhaps even some days before 7th September 2008 as announced in map contest regulations - but the jury will decide on this point.) So soon it will be up to you, to decide and vote for your preferred map.

0 comments Posted by Nasenbaer on 2008-09-01, 07:45

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