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News: Implemented loading of multi player savegames


Implemented loading of multi player savegames

In last few days we implemented the ability to select and load a savegame in multi player mode. The code is still unfinished, so that one player needs to distribute it's savegame manually. All the other player than have to copy it to the same location from where the host loads this file (normally in ~/ssave/ or [widelands]/ssave/ on windows).

Anyway as far as we tested it, the savegame loader works quite stable, so the only missing thing in this case is network sharing of files. And that feature is also needed for non standard mapfiles, that not all players have got.

Want to test it? than just start!!! On irc are often people having some free time (or even waiting for other players) to play widelands via internet. Looking forward to meet you online.

0 comments Posted by Nasenbaer on 2008-08-19, 17:22

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