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Topic: Tool sharing

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Supposition : I start a game with nearly nothing :

1 Felling axe

2 Hammers

3 Picks

1 Fire tong

all the material needed to cook in the Inn

and many people.

I know that I need many more to install a sustainable economy. And yes, I'm a poor lonesome Barbarian, I've a long long way from home. face-wink.png

So, the first thing I do is to develop a Quarry and a Lumberjack's hut. If I understood well, if the ware is in the stock and if I have people, the system "build" a builder when it is needed. So the system create 2 builders using my 2 hammers.

Is it correct till now ?

After that I need at least 1 Geologist to find Coal and Iron ore. But there is no hammers in my stock, they was token by the Builders.

Can I "stole" the hammers from the Builders to give them to the Geologists ?

If Yes, How?

If No, I'm dead. face-sad.png

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The workers can’t share tools. This is related to already discussed setting of starting conditions of Poor Hamlet and Discovery. You can find your answers here.

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