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Topic: questions about the economy

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Posted at: 2019-06-02, 12:49

hessenfarmer wrote:

In my opinion wells should have a productivity according to the elevation of the terrain around them.

-1 from my side simply due to being hard to implement.

Mountains tend to be above plains. If mineable regions in the vicinity would give a boost (like declare mineable region to always give water if in range), then that would be an imperfect step towards this direction. Probably easy to do.

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Posted at: 2019-06-02, 13:11

JanO wrote:

I know. This vote comes from the guess, that my suggestion would be hard to implement face-wink.png

Your suggestion would be a different handling form mines as well. Just to mention ;-).
But I believe we will stick with current implementation as this seems the only consensus possible.
Therefore I won't invest any more energy in this.

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