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Topic: Left-Right-Click diffs from Right-Left-Click with TerrainType-Brush


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Posted at: 2013-09-01, 17:16

May be I got this as Kind of Hint I did not experiences and now believe I discovered it as useful Behavior. I found that activating Brush with left Button and Map-Movement by right Button helps a Lot to draw larger Maps. These Buttons reverses pressed causes another Behavior -- the L-Click does not arrive to Paint-Function. My brief Idea is to change Behavior that both Click-Combinantions result in that Mode useful for painting of larger Areas. This Begavior may exist sind Release-1 but in about 100 Hours of Editor-Work I never stumbled across and therefore consider it to be not intutive but to be hidden.

While using that Mode I changed my PerSpective and looked at the MiniMap to observe the Cursor's Work. However, I got the Idea that for the Map I work at (again 512x512 .. another Time/Try) that working on the MiniMap directly to scale up Brush-Tools would simplify Work for more than a whole Magnitude means more than 10x faster.. A Brush with Diameter=20 would be rather large on this Monitor and 30 even beyond (no Matter) but at MiniMap these won't cause any Problems. Perhaps make MainMap-Brush up to 16 or 25 and MiniMap up to 255. IMO would increasing Map-Geometry up to 1k*1k be very reasonable as that Way I could put a very Lot Water between larger Isles and thus allow more Adventure due to it becomes more difficult to find other LandMasses.

IIRC the Vision-Range of Ships at Water are rather currios close - should in RL be about 40km -- but it's rather close in Game. I hope that Units can have specifiic Vision-Sights and if Ships inherit from Carrier they don't inherit Worker-Sight but WareHouse-Sight resp Ship-Sight can get controlled like of that of Sites individually. My present Idea of Discovery-Adventure is Ship needs a Glass and can't see beyond first Wave -- same like that of Workers. I don't consider ShortSight to be an Adventure even that's probably is in RL.

I wonder if Vision in WL with true 3D-Map is dependent from Map-Morpholgy - if a Tower can look more far over an Ocean while Sight gets limited by Mountain according to Geometry and Heights.

Calculation of Visiblity is somewhat tricky to make it performant. SIMD/MMX/XMM is your Friend here. FPU is Crap this or that Way, better ignore, if you can, that one is inside the CPU.

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