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Widelands 1.1 Released

The Widelands Development Team is proud to announce the immediate availability of the stable release Widelands 1.1.

Windows installer 64 bit · 32 bit
Mac packages (64 bit) MacOS ≥ 11 · M1 Arm MacOS ≥ 121
Linux (64 bit) AppImage · Flatpak · PPA
Source code as .zip · .tar.gz
List of all downloads

Since the release of version 1.0, we implemented several hundreds of new features and bugfixes; for example, to name just a few of the highlights:

  • Three new scenarios: One each for the Atlantean and Frisian campaigns, and a new standalone singleplayer mission
  • An add-ons webserver allows efficient down- and uploading of add-ons as well as interactions such as voting and commenting on add-ons
  • High-resolution images for many units
  • Multithreading provides smoother performance
  • Multiple enhancements to the in-game encyclopedia
  • Diplomacy: Manage your alliances during the game
  • Fastplace: Assign custom shortcuts to buildings to place them with one keystroke
  • In-game loading and restarting of games and scenarios
  • Save and load in-game windows
  • Editor tool history dialog
  • Various AI enhancements

Widelands 1.1 is translated completely into Catalan, German, Hungarian, and Low German, and the translations for 10 other languages are more than ⅔ complete.

Widelands is distributed for Windows (64-bit and 32-bit), Mac OS X >= 11.0 (Intel 64-bit and M1 Arm), Linux (AppImage, 64 bit), and in source code. For Linux users, we also provide a Flatpak package and a Ubuntu PPA and try to make compiling as easy as possible, and most distributions will pick up Widelands 1.1 into their repositories very quickly. Both binary and source packages are available under the links below and from our Download page.

If you like what you see, have a look around this site. You may also want to check the forums and our IRC channel, #widelands on LiberaChat, to arrange multiplayer games with other players.

We especially welcome every helping hand: Help us find bugs, translate the game, add new scenarios or features! If you want to get even more involved in the further development of Widelands, you can meet us on the forum at or subscribe to on Releases are also announced to (

  1. For the MacOS ARM builds, please see the note on the Download page

13 comments Posted by Nordfriese on 2022-10-23, 10:30

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Splendid stuff. Could there be a Snap package for Widelands? Flatpak is a daunting task to install in Ubuntu and AppImages need an additional library installation. That said, Ubuntu is hands down the most popular Linux and new comers pick it up always first. a Snap package would benefit in many ways. Thanks for your hard and good work.


Are you sure that AppImages need an additional library installation and how would this be more complicated than using Snap? Maybe you just need to download the AppImage, make it executable and run it like a script. I think it's great stuff because it doesn't require any installation time.

Library installations can be very easy too.


At least on Ubuntu 22.10 you need to install libfuse2 in order to be able to use AppImages. But given that you only need to run "sudo apt install libfuse2", I would not bother providing additionally a snap package, imho.


We don't currently offer snap packages, but there is a PPA that always has the latest version:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:widelands-dev/widelands
sudo apt update
sudo apt install widelands

The official Ubuntu and Debian repos also contain a widelands package, but they're usually slow to update.


test face-smile.png


Finnish language now also 100%.


Many thanks to all the (still to few) people who contributed in various ways to this new release.

An exceptional big thank you to @Nordfriese for managing the release and development in his role as chieftain of the team.


Also from me a big "Thank you!" to everyone who took part in working at and developing the new version! The game is great itself, but seeing it becoming even greater with every new version is fantastic! You bring so many joy to so many people in the world, I think!


Silly question but what is Windows 32 bit? It couldn't possibly mean Wi ndows 98, could it? Cuz I got a Win98 400 Mhz Pentium 2 on my desk along with this Linux laptop... : )


windows 32 bit is a version for 32bit systems of windows. youn need such systems if your hardware architecture does not support 64bit systems. Namely some older laptops or netbooks.


DE : Cool lange nicht mehr Widelands gespielt und auch lange nicht mehr die Website besucht . Widelands 1.1 mit Diplomatie, das hat mein Interesse geweckt, gleich mal neuinstallieren und ausprobieren. Auch von mir großes Dankeschön an alle beteiligten Entwickler.

EN : Cool long time not played Widelands and not visited the Website. Widelands 1.1 with Diplomatic, that very interessing me, now reinstall and testing. Big thank you to all developers of Widelands.


DE : Okay, ich habe die neue Version ausprobiert. Von der Diplomatie hatte ich mir mehr erhofft. Die KI hat mich nie angefragt ob sie mit mir teamen will. Ich habe die KI mehrmals angefragt und in den meisten fällen wurde meine Einladung abgelehnt. Erst als ich die meisten KIs plattgemacht habe und militärisch dominant war, hat die KI meine Einladung angenommen, aber sie hat weiterhin nicht von sich aus mich angefragt. Ich konnte ich nicht beobachten, das sich die KIs zusammenschließen und gegen mich teamen. Wäre schön wenn ich das beobachtet hätte. Ich würde gerne wissen, welche Faktoren die KI bewertet, das sie eine Anfrage rausschickt und welche Faktoren die KI bewertet, das sie eine Einladung ablehnt oder annimmt.

EN : Okay, i have testet the new version. i find the new diplomatic system good but i don't saw major changes in game. The Computer never ask me for teaming. The Computer mostly denied my ask of teaming. I never saw that other Computer Players teaming against me.


Diplomacy works as I expected it to. Weak sides want to ally with strong ones. Playing Terra I asked all the other (AI) nations to ally and only the struggling Europe accepted as I had expanded fairly well compared to it.

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