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Changed Users Profile Page

We did a rework on your users profile. Some old entries were removed and some new entries are added. It is recommended to set your operating system and currently used version of widelands. Both will be displayed in the forum below your avatar, so developers don't need to ask for this information in case of questions or bug reports.

If you had filled out the "Website" field, there is now a generic field called "Webservice/Nick" which you can use for this.

You may have to reload the website by hitting CTRL+F5 to force your browser to fetch all new changes of css and images.

Edit your profile page

2 comments Posted by kaputtnik on 2022-12-04, 08:57

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Authentication in game addons interface not working. Probably you know but worth mention just in case. Cheers!


For authenticating from within Widelands, please be sure to use your online gaming password, not the website login password. If the problem persists please ask in the forum. Thanks face-smile.png

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