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Widelands Tournament 2021

Widelands Tournament 2021

The winner is: WorldSavior

As we are reaching towards a new release, hessenfarmer is hosting a tournament to test the current build for its suitability in tournament mode.

Subscriptions are now closed. The tournament has started on May 17th 2021 00:00 CEST and ended on June 25th 2021.

The Tournament 2021 is played using add-ons with a very recent development build announced shortly before the beginning. The version of the game might be updated round by round if bugs get reported and fixed during the tournament.

The Tournament is played in 5 rounds 1v1. The win condition is to create 10 fully trained soldiers and store them in the warehouses in the shortest time. Each round uses a different tribe and a different map (each map without any coal):

  1. Amazons - Last Survivors
  2. Atlanteans - Coal Clean Cycles
  3. Barbarians - Char wars
  4. Empire - Cross 8
  5. Frisians - Colonies

For more information, visit the thread here.

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