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News: Widelands 1.0 First Snow Feature Freeze

Feature Freeze

Widelands 1.0 First Snow Feature Freeze

…is now in place.

The last half year since the release of Widelands Build 21 has been a golden time for development, with numerous new features added and swarms of bugs fixed. The Widelands Development Team is proud to announce that the era of the WIdelands beta build releases has come to an end, and the first-ever stable release Widelands 1.0 will be released this summer!

The First Snow Feature Freeze for the release of Widelands 1.0 has taken place on Monday, the First of March 2021.

What does this mean?
From now on, no further features and bugfixes will be accepted except those that have been decided to be critical for the next release. No changes to translatable strings are desired.
When all remaining critical bugs are fixed, we will wait another two weeks and then call the Winter Time Feature Freeze.

And what does that mean for you?
You have only a few more weeks to update the translations for Widelands 1.0. Head over to Transifex (instructions can be found in our wiki) and add the missing translations for your language!
And play the current development version as much as you can and report bugs. Widelands 1.0 should be even more of a rock solid release than all the other rock solid releases before it. Let's make it so.

The v1.0 Screenshots Submission is now open.

4 comments Posted by Nordfriese on 2021-01-06, 11:00

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That is super exciting news! 1.0! wow. I did not see that coming face-smile.png


Sounds great! Very good that the new version will be once more loaded with new nice features.


Thank you making a great game and that free of any cost! except: if i want to HELP with translations i will have to pay ZEVENTY A MONTH.... thats more then my entire internet cost me per month. 70/mo ,Billed Annually = 12x70 at once ??? i dont understand this choise for a very expensive external feature while there is a great community over here AND on github. sorry but i am TO POOR to help with those 1200 dutch translation still waiting out there behind that financial WALL .. 2 month free means AFTER that time my effort will be locked up AGAINST me.....

I hope there are OTHER ways to AID to the translations, which are needed since there are german words in the dutch list.


Transifex also offers a Free (free of cost) plan which is perfectly sufficient for our purposes. Some of their fancy features are available only to paying users, but you don't need any of those to help translating Widelands!

If you really don't want to use Transifex though, you can also edit the PO files contained in the git repo locally with PoEdit or such, then attach them in the forum and someone will upload them to Transifex for you.

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