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News: Enhancements to the online encyclopedia


Enhancements to the online encyclopedia

The online Encyclopedia got some enhancements:

  • For a worker the building where he works at is shown and linked
  • For a ware the building where it is produced is shown and linked plus the worker which produces this ware is shown and linked.
  • Additionally a new Checkbox was added, which, once checked, shows the "internal name" for the item (Ware, Worker and Building). The internal name is relevant for scripting scenarios and having it here in the encyclopedia is much better then digging for it in the files init.lua which are spread in the data directory.

Hopefully you like it face-smile.png

3 comments Posted by kaputtnik on 2018-03-18, 14:34

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"+1" for the changes!


Thanks, there is another change in the pipeline which will show 'upgraded' workers, e.g. for a barbarians chief miner:

  • At experience level 28 he will become: Master Miner
  • Became of: Miner (at experience level 19)



Thanks for this feature:)

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