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The website has new module

trimard has written a new module for the website: Scheduling. There you can find easily other players for playing widelands online. How does it work:
After login you can find a new entry called 'Playtime Scheduler' in the login box which links to the new module. The module has two parts:

  1. Define your playtime and find a game: Here you can submit your preferred dates and times for playing. Doing so other users can find you and can write you a private message.
  2. Show other users playtime: Just see at wich date and times other users are available.

In case you have any questions or suggestions about this module, please write it in the forum thread: game scheduling module.

Many thanks to trimard for this cool feature face-smile.png

1 comment Posted by kaputtnik on 2018-02-19, 14:33

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It was a real pleasure, and definitely didn't write alone though! Thanks a lot to you guys for all the inputs, I learned a lot!

I hope that will have the success we hoped face-smile.png

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