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Widelands stream

Widelands Live Stream

This Saturday, Vassili and Cyberpangolin will play a long game of Widelands and live stream it for everybody to enjoy. The stream will be in French.

Start is on Saturday, around 9.30am CET. The game is streamed at

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7 comments Posted by SirVer on 2015-10-28, 17:26

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I will be offline, but I want to see the replay. Is it possible to share it somewhere?


That will be available on , maybe tomorrow (i will come here to say). The stream start soon.


Here we go, the stream of the slowness is now available on Movoco:


The download from will last 2 days, says my computer. Is there another possibility to download the video? I didn't find the video on Cyberpangolin's youtube channel. Thanks!


Using livestreamer and VLC you can record it from twitch for some days before the lives will be deleted. It's what i use for export my twitch videos.


New stream this Saturday 14th, around 14h15 CET. I hope that will be more active, and maybe more players.


2vs1 on a 96*96 map

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