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Maintenance on the server

Maintenance work ahead!

Next weekend, July 4/5, the website and the meta server will not be available.

Our server requires an OS update. This unfortunately means a full reinstallation of all infrastructure. We plan to do all of this work on the coming weekend. During this operation on the server, it is unable to perform its duties - therefore website and meta server will not be functional during that time.

Update: Work has concluded. Website should be stable again. Please report any issues on sight.

8 comments Posted by SirVer on 2015-06-26, 17:45

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Pscht. Next weekend... it's July already...


Ups. Fixed. Sorry.


It would be nice to use more vibrant color for this "news" - to catch attention, because now it can be easily overlooked...


That is true. I've found this message yesterday (few days AFTER server-stop time). Another way is to make notification on e-mail or on website about any new message.


[quote] Right now the server runs on a virtual machine that is pinned to one ubuntu version. A simple version update is not possible, since the kernel has to be patched specifically for the virtual machines environment.[/quote] That was the reason i've switched to a Hoster providing KVM. More freedom for the guest system...


Turns out a simple dist-upgrade did work out in the end. no need for a full reinstall! Yay.


All work should have concluded.


I didn't get aware of the news at all... They're kind of hided.... i thought always about this but couldn't find a solution.

Thanks SirVer face-smile.png

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