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New Elder of tongues

Widelands development is going pretty strong right now. We are working hard at networking, worlds merging, IRC bridging and bug fixing. One huge milestone that we already hit since build 18 was a massive string refactoring. This made our support for internationalization much wider and got rid of old cruft in texts and missions.

This endeavor was spearheaded by GunChleoc. She showed very strong dedication to improving the language in Widelands in general and the support for internationalization in particular. And by the looks of it she will continue doing that for the foreseeable future. This calls for a new position.

Hereby, I present you our new Elder of Tongues - GunChleoc. She will oversee and drive everything language, text and grammar related. So, if you have trouble with translations, if you'd like a ware to be renamed or if you want to help out with anything - she will be the person to talk to.

These are her welcoming words to the community.

Hi all,

as some of you are already aware, over the last few months I have been busy
ripping apart about half of our strings and putting them back together
again, with some help from SirVer. The plan is to make the strings as stable
as possible for the future, and to give translators the control that they
need for sentence structure and other grammar issues.

So, if you have trouble translating any string - for example, because a
placeholder is causing problems for your language, or there isn't enough
space on screen to fit your string, or if you think it should be commented
better - please don't hesitate to contact me on the translation forum, or
via IRC.

You are also welcome to contact me if you need help with using off-line
translation tools such as Virtaal or Poedit. Yes, I love them :)

10 comments Posted by SirVer on 2014-04-10, 20:31

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She (I did not know Gun was a female name :/) has really been busy in the last time. I was actually already wondering whether a new position would be created and when she would become the Elder of tongues. Congratulations!



Actually, Gun is not a name - Gun chleoc is Gaelic for "Without clock" face-wink.png




Don't be ashamed - how were you supposed to know? I can't expect you to learn every language under the sun face-smile.png


You are right, there are so many languages. And I think you agree when I say that Gaelic is quite an unusual language face-smile.png However, I felt a bit stupid when I found out that I assumed "without" to be a name. Btw, how many languages do you speak?


Just 4 to any level of fluency,although I have dabbled a bit with a few more face-smile.png

And everybody else is making the same assumption. It gives me something to feel smug about evil grin






Thanks guys face-smile.png


Congratulations!!! face-smile.png

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