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Update on build 18

Widelands build 18 still in the making...

This is a quick update what is going on with b18. The tournament found a lot of bugs in the seafaring and expedition code and we are still fighting them down. We had to partially lift the feature freeze for a while too because the bugs could not be fixed in a minimal invasive manner - we require only small changes while on feature freeze. Right now, there is still on particular nasty bug outstanding and we are chipping on it - but after this one is fixed we will need another couple of weeks testing to ensure the correctness and stability of the bug fixes. I currently estimate b18 might be available around December, but who knows what will hit us?

8 comments Posted by SirVer on 2013-11-02, 09:24

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I like the Fedora strategy: set a date for freeze and release, but shift it if some important problems come up!

Also good to here, that the tournament brings up those problems and the number 18 will be a solid rock release! Will be the perfect christmas present. face-smile.png


Yes, a bit disappointing that release has to be put back but, as said above, a stable late version is much better than an early buggy version. Been waiting for this release for ages ... gonna love every bit of it.


I wish build 18 not late than December.....


Guys, if you help out fixing those bugs it will go quicker :).


I wish I could ... I know nothing about coding, nothing at all. I enjoy playing the game, really appreciate everything that you guys do to make it such a good game, and will happily and patiently wait until you are satisfied with the release that you want to put out to the public face-smile.png


If there was an OSX nightly build I would be happy to try it out face-wink.png


There is one:


How can i help to finish build18 ?

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