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Third Widelands Tournament

Yeah! We have 16 participants for the tournament. I'll make the bracket this evening and link it here. The participants get information about their games per PM.

Update: you find the bracket here: Bracket

8 comments Posted by Kristin on 2013-09-22, 16:43

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Already 36 minutes past, since you posted this article, so where is the bracket? face-grin.png

Seriously ... I can't wait to see the tournament started. face-smile.png


oh...still a way to register?



good luck to all participants and have fun!

I've setup a voice chat server (Mumble/Murmur( for those who want to be able to talk during the games, just connect to The password is "wl".

You can download the client for all platforms here:

You can register your nickname yourself once you have connected (Self->Register)


Will replays be available? Where are they?


You can find them at


Will there be a new version for the second round or will at least the complete tournament played with bzr6785?


We will pump new versions as we find bugs - that is one of the reasons for the tournament: to polish for b18.


I've uploaded a new trunk build 6793:

This includes also the current translation branch, so you can check for spelling errors in your language.

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