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News: Empire Inn and backwards compatibility


Empire Inn and backwards compatibility

Backwards compatible Empire Inn

Do you still remember the first community poll? It has quite a history already. We first did a run - then we needed a rerun because the options of choices were suboptimal. But even this rerun is long over - and we haven't discussed the results yet. First due to time constraints from my site, then due to build 17 shipping soon. We did not want to risk a big non-backwards compatible change so soon before release. Build 17 has been out of the door for some time now as well - but I was back being time constrained again. But now the stars align....

The result is quite plain: 50% of people wish the empire inn to be changed to be backwards compatible, 40% want to keep it as is and 10% hit the I don't care button. That is all fairly close - however since we went through the trouble and did ask the question, I feel that we must now also run with the answer.

Therefore, the empire inn will be made to also continue to produce rations if the economy has requests for them. If you want to provide a patch, feel free to do so.

Update: Andreas kindly provided a patch! This is now merged into the development version of widelands in r6393.

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I already suggested in the poll thread ( to have a difficult level that could satisfy all users. Would it be possible?


we discussed such features sometimes and from what I remember, the general echo was "Feature creap" and "the downside is confused players saying 'the last time it worked that way and now it does not....'"

So I guess there won't be a feature like that and the difficulty of the game will only be made up by the map you choose and the opposing players you choose.

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