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News: Build 17 release candidate 2 available


Build 17 release candidate 2 available

And another round

The first week of rc1 revealed a critical bug and some more in the seafaring. We fixed the critical and one of the bigger in seafaring - others are nuisances but non critical. However, the critical bug means that we need to go another round. So here it is: rc2

Please give this another spin. We missed the Ubuntu deadline (again - this is a kind of tradition with widelands) therefore we are no longer under time pressure. Consequently, we will test this one for two full weeks and then release b17 out in the wild. Or rc3 if another critical issue shows up.

2 comments Posted by SirVer on 2012-04-11, 08:18

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Seems a good plan! :D The new LTS of Ubuntu brings also the possibility to upgrade the kernel - so the chances that Widelands 17 is in the 12.04.1 release aren't this bad... (i hope)


As mentioned in the comments for the final release [1], build 17 is available in the backports repository in Ubuntu 12.04.


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