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Interview about Widelands on RadioTux / P3Cast

A few days ago Teyro, a Moderator of the P3Cast show on German internet radio station !RadioTux, asked me for an interview about Widelands. As we both had some free minutes the same day, we did not hesitate and recorded our conversation right away. face-wink.png

The interview was a cosly talk about Widelands' history, current improvements, the WiHack, Widelands' features and Widelands' future. Teyro even admitted that Widelands is one of his favourit games on linux and so we continued talking about some tactics and possibe improvements of Widelands after the end of the recording session.

The result (in German) is now online and can be found at RadioTux, directly at P3Cast page or as direct Ogg Vorbis download from here.

I am sorry for all those that do not understand German. Anyone brave enough to write down a transcript of the interview on English or another language?

2 comments Posted by Nasenbaer on 2011-01-12, 13:44

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Very good interview! Thanks to Teyro and Nasenbaer.


I'm a german guy. If ya give me some time I'll be able to make a resume in English and/or Portugues. Please post an answer if there is someone interested.

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