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Eye candy for all of us!

We had plenty of highlights recently and here is one more: Chuck, our tireless elder of graphics, managed to get all the tiny Widelands workers together to take some group photos! Use this opportunity to get to know "your" tribe from another side than the game.

The images were listed and uploaded by Kristin and are available to be downloaded as desktop wallpapers on WidelandsArtwork. So have a look at all the detailed people working for your fun while you are playing!

5 comments Posted by SirVer on 2010-11-22, 12:04

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Wowo thanks this is a great and cool stuff wideland surround my desktop!




Thez look great! Good job!


Sorry to say, but because of Chuck his productivity at least Barberians is already out-dated...


Yes, I guess you could call that creating "job security". :D I'll try to get the Barbarians together for another shot in front of their NEW headquarters soon.

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