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Build 16 rc1 released!

Build 16 rc 1 released!

We now offer a build candidate for the upcoming build 16 release! The idea of build candidates is to test drive a release and see if it is good enough to become a stable release to the public. So download the version for your operating system and start playing:

The source package, the windows and the mac binaries are already online. Statically linked binaries for Linux will be made available as soon as we have them ready. We'll update this post.

The planned release date for build 16 is the 16th April but obviously only if no big bugs show up. Until then, everybody is invited to test drive this build and report all bugs on our bug tracker:

Please also join our semi official play days on Saturdays on the IRC Chat. There is always a game going on or two and we will be playing build 16 rc1 till build 16 is released.

Oh, so you wanna know what's new? Well, here is the not complete overview:

  • a new scripting Engine that allows for complex scenarios.
  • a new watch-me-do tutorial and a new scenario for the Atlanteans
  • win conditions for multiplayer games which add variety
  • open gl renderer
  • improvements to the ui in many places
  • more control over which wares are stored in ware houses
  • team support in multiplayer
  • shared kingdom for multiplayer, more than one player can control the same kingdom
  • new maps
  • new sounds
  • extremely many new graphics and animations: there is no concept graphic in widelands anymore.

The full Changelog is here.

5 comments Posted by SirVer on 2011-04-04, 19:04

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Hooray :) To a successful build-16 in two weeks!


Quick test of OS X version on my PowerPC machines: Works wonderfully, it's speedy both on Powermac G5 and Mac Mini G4, though opengl not working for neither my PPC machines.

On the game: I like most of the new graphics elements, except the new sign for mines - the older one was more Settlers II like the new one is a little bit hard to see for me. The three different races are great, the ai is greatly improved as I noticed.

Basically this is the only game I play nowadays.

Looking forward for Build-16, your work greatly appreciated thank you!


While the rc is pretty good, I have one question: is the barbarian deep gold mine supposed to produce gold rather than goldstone?


@RulerOfNothing: Wow! It should of course NOT. Thanks for posting this!


RulerOfNothing: it will be in build 16 though. Too late to fix it now. It will be fixed in build 17 face-smile.png

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