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WiHack's Diary

!WiHack's Diary

This post will be updated with thoughts and ideas over the coming days. There will not be many posts, but this will get very terribly long. So here we go!

Friday, 19:50

Here we are folk, the WiHackTwentyTenReloaded has just been officially launched. From the core team, Nasenbaer is already here. And myself of course. Some of the Entropia guys are also around.

We got ourselves some Mate and got the computers set up. Now we start productive work. Come around and join us. And if you cannot make it, join us in the Chat!

Saturday, 15:30

The wihack is well underway. The following people are around: Janus, Nasenbaer, ixprefect, timowi, Tmk, Markus, QCS, nomeata, SirVer, Kristin and Huega.

The people are working on different stuff:

  • Janus: on the homepage.
  • Nasenbaer: on multiplayer user interface.
  • ixprefect: on bug fixes and later on on ships.
  • timowi: ggz stuff and multiplayer
  • tmk: soldier energy bars and help PDFs
  • qcs: build system
  • nomeata and Kristin: ware sorting, economy user interface.
  • myself: Lua stuff

We are hard at work... Therefore, I delay uploading photos till later.

Saturday 21:07 (update by Nasenbaer)

That's it. The tournament is over and we got a winner for the first official Widelands Tournament!

Congratulations to ivh! face-smile.png

In the meanwhile we went shopping for the next two days, ate a whole bunch of cookies and pizza and drank quite some bottles of club mate.

Ah yes and the development of Widelands goes on as well - even my UI implementation is getting further...

Sunday 00:00

Alright.. Photo times. The photos are a bit older, but here we go:

nasenbaer aber_sirver timo_tmk kristin_right_side left_side all all1 timowi_tmk sirver_kristin qcs_nomeata_sirver video_chat

First image shows Nasenbaer who is not concentrated at all. The next image shows aber and myself. Then comes an image of Timo and Tmk who work on the online help. Following are 4 images of the whole team working. The beautiful couple in the next image consists of myself and my dearest Kristin. Next, an image of QCS working on cmake. And the last image is from our skype session with chuckw from USA. So he is the image in the image. The picture was taken while I show him around and present him the local team.

All photos can be found in higher quality here: clicky.

Sunday, 16:20

Damn.. so long an no updates. Lots and lots of stuff has happened: we merged Janus and Timowis improvements to the homepage, added SSL encryption to login and changed the deployment to WSGI: More security, more speed.

Nasenbaer (who just left the building face-sad.png ) merged his work: refactoring and a new start multiplayer startup menu. I updated the map selection menu. And on ixprefect's computer, one can build Ships. But they do not float and in fact, do not even exist after being finished building.

We are working.... And things are getting better.

Sunday, 17:57

We finally do a game. !SirVer + Kristin VS !TimoWi + Timo + Aber VS ixprefect + Janus. Let's go!

Monday 14:20

While I had a nice and relaxing nap tonight, QCS and Timowi pulled an all-nighter and merged the cmake improvements branch which enhances the build process. For one thing, it reactivates our style checker in the cmake world. So we have a lot of style errors right now... I spent some time fixing them already.

ixprefect left tonight, but not without leaving us with awesomeness: ships. They are not doing terribly much at the moment, but at the very least you can build them and they look great!

Monday 17:22

This is my last post for this Wihack. It was great fun, that's for sure. But what did we get done? Let's sum the stuff up. So here goes in no particular order:

Improvements on the help graphs (Timonator, Tmk)

Nothing here is merged yet. And it is not yet done, but it will greatly improve the graphs you can find on the BarbariansPage, ImperialsPage and AtlanteansPage. It will also improve the online Reference: click.

Update 23:59: In the last second of the Wihack, their changes have been merged. The PDFs and graphs are updated daily now.

GGZ improvements (Timowi)

We continued to work on getting toward the stage where our metaserver can communicate with the homepage and we can show some statistics about games here.

Groundwork for Ships (ixprefect)

Nicolai worked hard: one can now construct ships and they swim on the water. They also move about a bit to avoid colliding with each other. There will not be seafaring in build 16, but a big step in this direction has been done.

Atlantean Scenario (!SirVer, Kristin)

Build 16 will contain an awesome new scenario that introduces the atlantean tribe, but will play out quite differently to the other scenarios so far. I continued to work on this while Kristin did some play testing. With ship building implemented, we can finish this one soon.

Wiki improvements (Kristin)

Kristin worked hard to overhaul some sites in the Wiki, especially the GameHelp. She also made a diagram to visualize how soldiers work: SoldierLevels. The Wiki is now a much better to place to start out for beginners.

New graphics (chuckw)

Chuck made cool new battle animations! Over the weekend he also tweaked some other wares and worker graphics. Hopefully you had some of the Wihack feeling at home too, Chuck!

Blueprint Menus (Kristin, nomeata)

After the careful preparation of Kristin how stuff should look, nomeata went on implementing the technical stuff. This shows in a much improved stock menu, a much improved target quantity window and a much improved warehouse window.

Improvements in the map selection menu (!SirVer)

The map selection window now also shows the number of players and defaults to ordering the maps by this number. This makes map selection much easier.

Cmake improvements (Qcs, Aber, Timowi)

Our build system got some love and we merged the work Qcs has done in his cmake branch. This also got rid of our old systems (scons and other build systems); we now only support cmake. The new cmake should make building widelands much easier for packagers.

Multiplayer launch menu + Refactorings (Nasenbaer)

Peter did some awesome stuff on a new multiplayer launch menu which is easier to understand and more flexible than what we had before. This change also brings some better paradigms to multiplayer which makes the shared kingdom feature more natural and easier to cope with technically.

Homepage improvements (Janus, !SirVer, Timowi)

First and for all we merged Janus website improvements branch which brings some long wanted features and a lot of style improvements to the homepage. We also merged timowi's preparations for the GGZ merge which will come shortly after build 16.

We also changed the way the site is deployed: we added SSL for all account related stuff and changed from mod_python to mod_wscgi. This improves security and speed of the homepage.

Last words

We also did some small stuff: e.g. widelands now shows an icon in the task bar, various bug fixes and some stuff that I have forgotten. I hope I didn't forget big stuff. If someone misses his work from this list, please speak up!

A huge thanks goes again to the Entropia! Guys, thanks for joining in, thanks for sharing your rooms and bearing with us 24h a day. Your place is sooo cozy, we'll be back soon!

People, I am sorry for not keeping you as well updated as last time; but it was quite crazy keeping things running this time. I am so tired now.

The WiHackTwentyTenReloaded was awesome. Thanks to all people participating - offline and online. It was awesome to get to know new people which I only knew through their nicks and seeing old faces from the last !WiHack again. We can show some impressive results and it was great, great fun hacking/hanging out with you all!

-- !SirVer, signing out.

3 comments Posted by SirVer on 2010-10-29, 18:56

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Very nice to put some faces to the nicknames! face-smile.png

I guess this is a good occsasion to thank you all for your great work with Widelands. I've had great fun playing in recent weeks, including the tournament which was well organized.

Keep up the good work and greetings to Karlsruhe from rainy Stockholm.



I may not have eaten as much pizza and cookies or lost as much sleep ;), but here in New York I had a fun time keeping tabs on your progress at the Entropia.

The Tournament Final between ivh and SirVer gave me my first experience observing an internet match. (It was an exciting one, too!) Congratulations go to ivh for his masterful play.

The list of accomplishments that came out of this weekend's labors is a testament to the hard work that everyone put into it.

Thanks to all who participated!! I can hardly wait for the NEXT one! face-smile.png


I enjoyed it very much. It was great getting back into Widelands work in such an atmosphere, great to get you all to know, great to know that many of you have secret knowledge and skills. Thanks to the people at Entropia who sometimes seemed to be confused/surprised by so many unknown faces, but nevertheless kept warm and openhearted and allowed us to feel at home. They sure live by the name "Chaos" :-) I'm already looking forward for the next WiHack. I'll be back!

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