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Build 15 rc1 released!

We now offer a build candidate for the upcoming build15 release. The idea of build candidates is to test drive a release and see if it is good enough to become a stable release to the public. So download the version for your operating system and start playing:


The source package, a linux binary and a windows binary are already up. Mac intel binaries and Linux x86 binaries will follow later today.

We will test drive this candidate for approximately two weeks. If no bigger issues show up, we will release build15 then as a new stable release. Please report all bugs you encounter in this release candidate at our bug tracker:


And I want to remind you all of our semi official weekly games on saturdays. Just come into the chat and see if someone wants to play. We will play build15-rc1 while the testing lasts.

Edit: Sorry for the delay, but Linux 64 and Mac OS X 10.6 packages are now online.

10 comments Posted by SirVer on 2010-03-17, 11:51

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What's the changelog? I didn't expect a release (not even an beta) and now there's a RC.


@maxpower: see the first link (the Download link) for a Changelog, included in the Release information. It is too long to quote it here (on a side note: yay, so many changes!)

Go Widelands face-smile.png


The game became more interesting!

  1. Ox farms. Great help for carriers and elimination of excessive roads.
  2. Ability to capture military buildings instead of burning them. COOOOOL! (also I would see an ability to attack warehouses if there are any soldiers inside: "enemy's civil objects occupied with enemy's regular forces on regular basis should be considered as military objects")
  3. AIs stopped to build numerous and useless ferneries.
  4. Retirades of wounded soldiers also great addition with new combat schematics.

Bad: places available for building of mines aren't marked at all.


Feature requests:

  1. "traffic lights" on buildings. For example, deeper mine must contain 3 workers. It may have three indicators with 3 possible states: green - worker is at his workplace yellow - worker still is not there, but he is coming there red - no worker at place, no worker coming

Military arena may hold up to 8 soldiers in training. It may have 8 indicators in two rows by four: green - soldier is in training red - the bed in dormitory is vacant Same for training camp, 12 indicators, 3 rows by 4.

  1. Kind of marking signs. It may be player-settable bob, transparent for all units and destroyable only by player himself or with loss of territory. For example, I need to mark minerals found by geologists for very late use. Now I must place unconnected mine construction site there.
  1. A method of freezing construction. For example, I need to build something at first, but the resources needed already planned for other construction sites. I want to freeze other CS in order to make resources re-scheduled.

  2. "Go train!" button in military buildings. Soldiers, resting in warehouses will eventually leave to go to arena or camp to get training. But I must manually kick them out of military building. "Go train!" button should send untrained soldier to vacant place in camp or at arena, or to replace him with trained one from warehouse, if better soldier is available.


To Troublemaker_DV: *Warehouses are not military buildings, they cannot defend. The only warehouse that is allowed to self defend is the Headquarter. I also that capture enemy buildings will be cool, but I think that make all warehouses, buildings and workers 'like military and soldiers' is not the path. I think that a better way can be achieved: may be when a MilitaryBuilding is captured, instead of burn down all buildings burn down only the buildings just on frontier, and some other's randomly. Please create a detailed blueprint on launchpad if you really want this feature on game. It will be discussed and did not get lost.

*'trafic lights' if you replace 'light' with 'flag' to we consistent with other graphics, would be a good addition. Also, please fill a blueprint and try to provide original graphics.

*'marking' is also a good feature to add. Please fill a blueprint.


(militarized warehouses) See above about "civil object occupied by military". I can't insist, because I can't contribute proper code. But in real life soldier must defend his motherland/fatherland regardless of his location, if he is in the garrison or in the civil drinking bar. Also, I will not bomb a hospital, if I see no SAM on its roof, but I will bomb it after first shot from its roof. (blueprints) I'm not very familiar with launchpad's features, but I will try. (lights/flags) Hmm... Kinda traffic lights are already used in game on "ware priority" buttons inside buildings. And I can't imagine flag replacement. Explain please?


Instead of 'red, yellow and green lights' I mean 'red, yellow and green flags' in this game I think that elecricity do not exists either, so it is a good idea to keep all graphics a bit historically consistents. But it is only my opinion.


*'Freeze construction', another cool to have. But first we need a method to return stocked wares on construction sites to economy. So please, fill a blueprint face-wink.png

*'Go train!' is a feature I do not like, and seems that another feature to autobalance economy (and soldiers, because soldiers are just an economy item) between buildings will be added in a future.


(freeze) I do not propose to extract already delivered wares (ADW), I told about re-routing wares en-route. "Freeze" may just re-route undelivered wares back to storage, to not make logistics too complex. You gave another cool idea: to not waste ADW. For example, tavern may store nice quantities of products, and these goods will be lost when we starting upgrade to inn. Why? Why inn keeper can't "call for delivery service" which will return unused goods to warehouses? Same to meal in mines, unused materials on construction sites etc...

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