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Widelands on Games Convention 2010

We are happy to announce, that Widelands will be present on Game Convention 2010!

It was a great suprise for all of us, wenn Rüdiger Meyer (known as Xylotuar on IRC) offered us a free booth at the fair. Although he is a well known user and many of you surely already played an online match against or with him, nobody knew about his employment.

But who could explain his decision better than he himself? So here comes his official statement :

Dear Widelands community,

in the past months I partly got addicted to your great game. Although it is no competition to commercial games from technical and graphical point of view, it's game design and the friendly community convinced me, that even game crashes during network games can be funny and just connects the players more together. This was a completely new but wonderful experience.

Because of this experience, I would like to give you a chance to promote your game for free on the Game Conventions fair.

I discussed this idea with my supervisor and after playing two matches with him, he supported my idea. He told me that we can see this as test run - if the Widelands booth is accepted and visited by many of our guests, we will think about an Open Source section of our fair in the next years.

So: Welcome on Games Convention! face-smile.png

7 comments Posted by Nasenbaer on 2010-04-01, 07:45

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Grr.. you got me there for a second face-wink.png


The tags are too clearly visible. No chance to fool me face-tongue.png

This was one of the good jokes I've seen today. Another great one is in the Tagesschau news.


Games Convention? Or GamesCom? I am bit confused. xD


Well, as GamesCom is the "Commercial Computer Games Industry Trade Fair", and Games Convention is the "Games Enthusiast's Big Party", Games Convention would indeed be the better (if not only) choice face-tongue.png


Tags: april, joke face-grin.png


Good one. But maybe next year. face-smile.png


you got me for a second^^

But it would be great, and would be a reason for me to go to the Gamescom or Gamesconvention or what ever^^

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