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Every two years (so it seems) the widelands team and it's community are hit by some kind of fatality. Around 4 years ago, turned so unbearably slow that we had to move our homepage away; around 2 years ago we had a server crash and changed providers again; now again the hardware failed on us: The widelands main server had a disk crash, backups were damaged as well. We lost the database, but all media files could be recovered.

So we start over. The old data is not lost. Wiki pages, news items and all forum posts are saved; but the user database was lost. We now use the incident to move onwards: The xoops content management system was not satisfying for us, it had many features we didn't use and missed some, we liked to see. And it was hard to extend (at least for us!). The new site will feature django as framework. Django is written in python which is also used in some places in the widelands development, so we are more familiar with it and think we can get it to suite us better than xoops ever did.

In the next time, the old data from the old page will be reimported and functionality will be added to this page. The wiki is already back and the pages where automagically imported from the old wiki. Some formatting didn't make it over; so feel free to work on the readability of the wiki!

So, sign up again and rejoice in the new widelands habitat that is this homepage!

Update: The forum is back! You can read about the status of the homepage reconstruction in this thread. Please also post bug reports or feature requests in this topic.

Update: The beta phase is over. The official site name is now Update your links, the old beta page will go offline in two weeks.

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