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First Widelands Web App


The hard work of reconstructing this page is ongoing. Today, I gave myself a little treat and rested from restoring the old state. Instead, I spend my time making something entirely new. So here it is: the first web app specially written for widelands.

Go ahead, try replacing atlanteans with the other tribes (barbarians, empire) and buildings with wares. It should work...

This app parses the configuration files in the SVN repository and creates the pages you see on the fly. They might not yet look like much, but the core functionality is implemeted. This is the beginning of an automated documentation on the homepage. Let's see where this goes.

If there are any CSS/HTML gurus out there; I could need a hand with all this web design stuff. Send me a PM!

0 comments Posted by SirVer on 2009-02-26, 23:13

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