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Testing network-gaming

In last time we got a big step closer to a good and stable network support. So to hunt down remaining bugs, we welcome everyone to play a bit with us over internet today (Saturday 15th March). If you've got a bit of free time and you feel like you could play a bit, just meet us on IRC - the easiest way for doing so is to click on IRC-Chat in Mainmenu - alternatively you can join #widelands on freenode.net with your favourite IRC-client.

So how to play and test the network-support?

First of all you need an up to date version. For Linux, BSD and !MacOS X users this might mean, that you need to download sources and compile them yourself -> Take a look here.

For windows-users, there is an often updated SVNBuild on http://widelands.drehatlas.de And finally you need to open ports 7394, 7395 and 7396 in your firewall, since those are used during playing. Than just start widelands, change to multiplayermenu and either start a game yourself or enter the IP of a known host and connect this way.

For any questions, just meet us on IRC - Looking forward for a nice game to day

0 comments Posted by Nasenbaer on 2008-03-15, 10:50

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