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A message from the new Webmaster

Hello from !JonsJava.

A friendly welcome from the new web master of

When I first started to use the graphical front end for linux (back then I used Fedora) I found this wonderful game. It was full of potential, and the development crew was working hard on creating a game that would be full of great features, leading to many sleepless nights. Recently, I convinced my wife to allow us to run linux full-time on our primary computer at our house, and I introduced her to that wonderful game--Widelands.

When I found out that this site was in need of a web master, I had to volunteer for the position. I have managed over 40 different sites, starting back in 1995, and including churches, non-profit sites, political sites, personal sites, and open-source. I hope to bring my experience over to, helping anybody who needs it, and offering my insight where asked for.

Before taking this job, I spoke with Holger, and he and I discussed the direction this site will take, and just to ease your mind, nothing will be changing in the near future. We will keep all our members and guests up-to-speed with any changes that are in the works. If you have any problems, please, don't hesitate to send me a PM. I will be checking in on the site throughout the day (I live in the US), plus we have others who will help in answering any questions when I am not available.

So, thank you again for having me here, and I look forward to a long stay as a member of the Widelands team.

!JonsJava (Jon)

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