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The big search for a new Webmaster

At the moment, we are massivly searching for a motivated new Webmaster. Unfortunally We hadn't contact with our last Webmaster for nearly three month and so our support for our players on this homepage suffered as well.

If YOU want to spend time to help our project, can speak English (or at least write ) and haven't found your place in our team, yet - perhaps this position is perfect for you.

interested? than read on

The main work our Webmaster should try to do is to keep our homepage up and running, to give a base of support for our players and of course to update the news and the "main" wiki pages from time to time.

A webmaster wouldn't stay alone and of course would get help from all around our team, BUT (s)he would be something like the teamleader, the ear to the forums, the connection between the forums and the mailinglist and OF course the one who is responsible for the website.

I know, this sounds like a lot of work and (to be serious) it CAN be at some days, but that's just the exception. It definitly doesn't take more time than a "normal" hobby.

Anyway, as in every position in our team, we don't get money and so can't give money.

So if YOU want to join our team AND want to support us in development AND want to give support to our players, please write Nasenbaer.

0 comments Posted by Nasenbaer on 2007-10-03, 16:40

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