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Topic: Include mining resources distribution in mini-map

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Posted at: 2011-11-05, 08:54

I just realized that when creating large maps it is very hard to get an overview of the mining resources distribution.
This must be done when you check an autogenerated maps, because it will sometimes create maps, that especially the AI cannot cope with.
The computer players will stop expanding and give an unsatisfying match.
Even at high resolutions (1920x1200) you simply get lost at a huge map.
Would it be possible to have a display of the mining resources in the mini map for inside the editor only? (incl. fish, maybe)

Being no programmer, I apologize for all my suggestions that imply undue workload and for other misjudgements due to lack of expertise or relevant skills.
I am on Win32, have no means to compile, and rely on prefabricated distributions (Thanks to Tino).

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