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Topic: SuL campaign (now in english!)

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Posted at: 2011-05-28, 11:48

For those who didn't read the german version of this thread (or can't understand german, I don't blame you): I am part of (in short "SuL") or (same site and still german :P). And I also created a little campaign, that will be much bigger, if I find the time for this (and don't play too much StarCraft II...).

Okay, so there are two existing (short) missions for this game and SirVer said, it will be part of build 17, if someone translates it to english. Astuur already translated the second mission, but I need to work on it in general, before I can release it. But mission 1 is ready. Okay, it needs real portraits and maybe a good map maker (I'm not good in this, I'm more for scripting and play testing) and a proper english translation (because english is not my mother language), but it is playable and in english. So if you want to play this mission, download this file: (

Then remove the ".zip" ending in the filename (had to do this) and place it in "/home/<user>/.widelands/maps" (in Linux, don't know about Mac or Windows). Now you select the map in Widelands and check "play as scenario" or something like that. Or you can directly start it with "widelands --scenario=/home/<user>/.widelands/maps/sul01.wmf".

I appreciate a proper english translation, nice portraits or a better map. Well, might be better to do this, when this mission hits trunk (hopefully).

Here is the german version (also an older version of the mission):

Also a link to the german thread:

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