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Topic: Barter trading on Widelands

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Posted at: 2023-06-13, 09:34

Here is a suggestion for barter trading on Widelands.

Designate a ship to trade with a team member. If you share a border with the team member perhaps we could use a ferry crossing from one tribe to another but this might not be as easy as using a ship.

Choose the team member that you wish to trade with.

Choose a ware that you wish to trade to the team member.

Choose a ware that you wish to receive in return.

Nominate the trade values; two examples might be:

1) trade one tree trunk of mine (ware A) for one binding of wheat of the other team member (ware B). The simple details might look like [1 ware A - tree trunk = 1 ware B - wheat].

2) trade five hardened wood pieces of mine for one marble column from the other team member. The simple details might look like [5 ware A - Hardened Wood = 1 ware B - Marble Column].

If the other team member accepts the trade values the trading would begin. The ship would be loaded with ware A, travel to the other team members port and be unloaded. The ship would be loaded with the returning ware B and return to the first team members port.

Either of the two trading partners could cancel the trading at any time. The ship would stop carrying the wares when the current ware B has been unloaded.

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Posted at: 2023-06-13, 18:25

Neat. Multi-player only? Then again I figure the AI might handle it too. After we got diplomacy now. Why not trade?

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Posted at: 2023-06-13, 20:54

We already do have a functional trading implementation (it's been around for years), it "just" has no user interface yet and markets are not made available in normal games. Since this is one of the most often requested features, I am considering to finish up that project and getting trade usable after I am done with the current naval warfare project (so no earlier than v1.3).

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