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Topic: 2 Suggestions of starting and winning

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I'm playing very often against KI and sometimes it's getting boring at the end, as I'm missing some winning condition which should be easy to implement: to own not only the full land or 50%, but also a percentage I can set at will at game start, maybe 60% or 80% (depending on the map) –> 50% is sometimes reached too fast against one KI, but 100% is very boring at the end...

2nd: I suggest a mode I saw at 0.a.d. (which I also play very often against KI): espacially on small maps the KI attacks prior building camps to train soldiers and the game is over prior developing some buildings... So what about a "half friendly mode", where attacks are forbidden for the first let's say 30 or 60 minutes, so each player is able to develop some infrastructure prior attacking others...

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Pry about Widelands
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For your 2nd suggestion I just wrote an addon called "time-limitted-peaceful.wad". (May need some time to be available for download.) As long as it is enabled, a peaceful singleplayer game is limitted to 45 minutes playing peacefully. Adapt the value in init.lua on your computer to have a different time.

Have fun. Feedback is welcome.

For better configuration, I suggest to adapt the UI and replace the peaceful "checkbox" with peaceful "time", which is 0 for not peaceful. (And for always peaceful? -1 is not the nicest. Let's discuss this.) Allowing to attack after this time is simple to implement (as my addon shows).


Your first suggestion also needs UI adaptions. To make this more general, I suggest to allow win_conditions to show a config dialog (opened with a button if configured). Land lord _ could allow to set the percentage of land, as you suggest.
You could set the number of heros for _first heros win
or set the percentage to explore in explorer wins (addon).

The configuration in (init.lua) could look like this:

r = {
    allow_peaceful = true,
    config = {
        conquer = {
            label = _"percent to conquer",
            min = 30,
            max = 100,
            default = 50,
        keep = {
            label = _"minutes to keep territory",
            default = 20,
            -- min is 0 normally, max is BIG normally

Integers as input would probably be enough. I see no need for strings, possibly for combo boxes.

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