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Topic: 2 Suggestions of starting and winning

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I'm playing very often against KI and sometimes it's getting boring at the end, as I'm missing some winning condition which should be easy to implement: to own not only the full land or 50%, but also a percentage I can set at will at game start, maybe 60% or 80% (depending on the map) –> 50% is sometimes reached too fast against one KI, but 100% is very boring at the end...

2nd: I suggest a mode I saw at 0.a.d. (which I also play very often against KI): espacially on small maps the KI attacks prior building camps to train soldiers and the game is over prior developing some buildings... So what about a "half friendly mode", where attacks are forbidden for the first let's say 30 or 60 minutes, so each player is able to develop some infrastructure prior attacking others...

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