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Topic: Input queues

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Posted at: 2022-03-11, 20:45

I think that's what they're called. The storage of wares in production buildings.

They have had some nice upgrades recently with the CTRL and SHIFT arrow but I think adding even more options would be great. The one I think of is an auto minimum button/key. That will set the queue to the minimum amount required for one prod. cycle when wares are scarce. e.g. Barb. Charc. Kiln stores 8 logs but needs 6 to make coal. A button to set this to 6 without having to look it up would be great for more casual players.

p.s. Had a different idea: Instead of a button/key add a marker where the minimum is so players can click there if they want to set it to the min. Just a visual reminder of what the number is.

p.p.s. I just found out in the last hr. that one can set the amounts not only with the arrows but also by a click you see...

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Posted at: 2022-03-11, 21:09

How would you define the minimum amount for a production cycle?

  • A tavern can produce even if any given queue is completely empty, though not if all three of them are empty.

  • A metal workshop needs 1 of each ware for any given tool, but for one of each tool (a full cycle, as it were) would require 10 of each ware which is more than the size of the input queues.

  • The frisian blacksmithy needs 2 reed for a fishing net, 1 reed for a basket, and 0 reed for other tools.

There are infinitely many ways in which you can combine conditionals, consumption groups, and nested/branched/looped/… subprogram calls, so the production program logic is extremely complex in the general case. This is incidentally the same reason why we still can't compute the encyclopedia's production time statistics automatically. How to solve?

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