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Topic: Global Ware Priority

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Posted at: 2022-03-09, 16:04

I like to set coal to high priority for a furnace and regular for where the iron is made into a sword. But doing this for each building is a drag... what would be nice is a way to set the priority for a ware globally. So for coal you choose it and it shows you a list of all the buildings that use coal with sliders to set each building type's coal priority.

This way you don't miss any buildings and also you get a nice overview of what uses coal without having to search help each time to find out.

Just something to make playing easier.

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Posted at: 2022-03-09, 20:40

That's how it was in Settlers I. face-smile.png

But I think it's better to have the per building control, because you can't place all the same type of buildings equally close to the input sources, so you need to differentiate between them too. BTW I've found it more effective to limit the input queues of the "hogs" than to set priorities.

(You must be playing some huge game if you have so many furnaces and smiths that you can't find all of them easily. face-smile.png )

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Posted at: 2022-03-10, 07:35

Do you know about the nice little window, that lists up all your buildings? Hit b! There is quite high potential that this might solve almost all your problems face-wink.png

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