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Topic: UI suggestion

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Posted at: 2022-03-06, 16:37

Something useful would be to have a key that turns on all those zones that use land. i.e. farms, reed farms, berry farms, clay pits, foresters etc.

As it is now you have to click on each one and hit the little circle. Opening a dozen such and then closing them again just to find some clear space is a drag.

Oh naturally another key should open all mine zones. Ah no wait, need 4 keys 1 for each type. I've learned that trick of stacking different mine types on top of each other, hehe.

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Posted at: 2022-03-06, 19:30

Something like this is already implemented (build 21):


Not as a shortcut, but when placing construction sites. You may have to toggle this feature on by hitting "w" or in the menu "Show/Hide" and then "Show workareas Overlaps". I think this is useful enough and there is no need for a special shortcut for this. Just my personal opinion though face-smile.png

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