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Topic: Terminating Employment

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Posted at: 2021-11-17, 17:45

I can see a point to terminating the employment of a miner, if you want them to go to another mine and "exchange" them for one that has less/more experience, or for a master miner. But what is the point of terminating the employment of a worker that doesn't level up? You might want them to go to another location, I suppose, but wouldn't it be better to dismantle the building if you didn't want it to operate?

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Posted at: 2021-11-17, 18:02

Sometimes during tool shortages, especially in the early game, it can make sense to build more buildings than you have workers and tools available, so they will get filled by and by and you meanwhile micromanage the workers to ensure that buildings you consider more important are occupied first. I agree this is probably not used often, but when someone does want to do it, it can be done.

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