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Topic: Sharing progress between computers

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Hello community

Just installed Widelands. Love it so far. Big fan of Settlers when I was a teenager. Brings back nostalgia

However, I have 2 laptops: One for use at home and one for use outside during train commute. I have Widelands on boths, but my single player campaign progress from one is not consistent with the other. because they are differetn installation.

I know this is very close to cheating, but my intention is actually the opposite. Enjoy the game thoroughly, but not having to play twice.

Is there any official way to link these two installations? Online account? Or a file that contains the player or campaing progress?

If there's a file, I could share this file between the installations using a cloud file-sharing service

For the record, I just finished the first mission of Barbarians ("A place to call home") in my home laptop, but I want to play the 2nd ("This land is our land") on my commute laptop.



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Hi phollox and welcome to the forum face-smile.png

The campaigns progress is tracked in the file <home_directory>/.widelands/save/campaigns.conf. The exact location of the file depends on the operating system, see here for information where to find it.

In older versions of Widelands the file is called campvis and lives in the same folder but uses a different format. IIRC a modern Widelands version will automatically convert the campvis to a valid campaigns.conf, though older versions cannot use the modern format.

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