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Topic: soldiers and their eq


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Posted at: 2010-07-18, 02:25

what gear is needed to make soldiers for the different factions and can you use higher lvl stuff like war helms in makeing them ?

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Posted at: 2010-07-18, 16:52

I do not understand what you want to know here. There is only one type of soldier with different levels of training/education. A normal soldier is created in a Headquarter or warehouse. With Food and/or helmets, advanced axes, ... the can gain more experience and strength in a trainingscamp or battlearena (for barbarians). Soldier with higher levels are harder to kill and/or hurt the enemies more.

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Posted at: 2010-07-19, 17:42

Hi, nightscar982 and welcome to Widelands!

-To create a new Barbarian soldier it takes an axe only (the same tool that would enable a woodcutter to be created).

-An Imperial soldier needs a wooden lance and a helmet.

-And the Atlantean soldier needs a light trident and one tabard.

And as I understand your question, you are asking if higher level weapons or armour would do the job as well? Then the simple answer is: no. You need an ordinary axe to create a Barbarian soldier; if you have no axe but a sharp axe for example, you cannot create a new Barbarian soldier.

BTW: I can see this question being asked over and over again. What about adding the equipment needed to create a new soldier to the wiki?

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