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Topic: Restricting shipping from ports

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Posted at: 2021-06-23, 03:25

I tried this, but it looks like it does not work to order a port not to store certain wares. They do get diverted to the warehouse I built to hold the wares but not all of them. I think I tried this long enough to get past any old shipping orders but I may as well ask if this works or not.

I ordered all my ports on each island to not ship construction materials since all were being produced locally on each island. I thought I'd worked out a clever trick...

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Posted at: 2021-06-23, 09:37

Do you mean the ware policy buttons? Those only apply to the warehouse half of the port (the long-term storage), the portdock half (which handles only transit wares) is unaffected. There's a bug about allowing players to restrict which wares can be shipped to/from a port, but I doubt it will ever be implemented because it would have massive complications. A while ago there was a feature suggestion for allowing the same sort of finetuning for roads which was rejected for the same reason.

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