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Topic: To understand well

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I would like to be sure that we are talking about the same thing, in this case of wells in the aquifer.
By the way, do you have the title's English pun? I am getting better. face-wink.png

I have carried out a little experiment which will allow things to be finalized.
I laid the ground flat and placed 20 water units all over the perimeter. Even where my lazy geologists didn't find it. face-smile.png


If I plan a well stake out like this:


Will we have a potential of 20 X 7 = 140 Units of water?

And after that, what will be the potential, still 140 or should we remove the 'spots' occupied by the pump and the road? Knowing that the road is ON the ground and the aquifer UNDER the ground.


If it was an ore instead of water, would the calculation method be different?

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PS: How can I do to have the pictures directly in the post?

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Resources (this applies to water and ores alike) can be mined independently of whether there's a road or other obstacle above-ground. So you really get 140 units of water. Wells still have a 65% (!) chance of finding more water when depleted.

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P.S. You did well with the pun face-wink.png

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