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Topic: Thoughts on art direction

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Posted at: 2020-12-26, 17:47

DragonAtma wrote:

I'm still getting used to povray again (my last time was making the Atlantean barracks about four years ago), but once that's done I should have no problem finishing up barracks for the barbarians and empire. Of course, if you insist on blender instead of povray, you'll need to find and recruit someone who knows blender.

Blender is the preferred modelling tool but by no means a requirement. The result is all that matters face-smile.png

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Posted at: 2020-12-26, 19:57

Good, because my attempts at using blender haven't worked out too well. face-wink.png

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Posted at: 2020-12-29, 22:27

[…] Original screenshot and contrast corrected version

And as I hope you can see the differences are extremely subtle, but result in a far, far better readability of the right image, resulting in the assets standing out and being better visible without changing the current assets too much.

Please let me know which remarks you have and how your opinion on this topic is. I have all the values I tweaked noted, the distance and amount of the sharpening, shadow strength etc. This is deterministic so in theory the existing scripts can be modified or a new script can be written to convert the current assets in bulk.

IMO, in your "contrast corrected" version, the buildings and trees, with their increased contrast look too cartoonish. Especially the trees also look too noisy. Also, the high-contrast trees, rocks and animals look over-emphasized.

But I do like the reduced contrast on the terrain. Have you considered reducing terrain contrast only, while keeping the rest as-is?

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