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Topic: I suck at this game

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Posted at: 2020-03-13, 23:47

I'm totally ok face-smile.png

I just wanted to set some more diversity into the solution proposals here - and seems that worked out not too bad face-wink.png

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Posted at: 2020-05-19, 15:12

mxb2001 wrote:

I keep losing to the computer except on some specific maps. I can win on maps with very limited resources (Dolomites for example) but if there is tons of space to build and expand I am dead meat.

Hey, don't worry, it's only a matter of time, you see. It takes more practice and the more you get acquainted with the game the more games you win. The key is to be patient and trying to understand the insights of economics etc. I'm not the one to give advices at this point I suppose because I just started to play the game but feeling like I'm getting better and better as I play more games. Especially during lockdown I had more than enough time playing it because I'm locked up in my father's removed link and there is literally nothing else to do but playing it lol. So just don't give up and keep on playing!

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