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Topic: Strange mouse behavior

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Posted at: 2020-02-10, 20:39

Is there some kind of a bug causing mouse to paint terrain when left button isn't pressed? Because I have had this problem many times and I'm still unable to produce the behavior in a controlled manner. If this is a features, I've found it highly annoying. This thing happens typically under the following conditions: An User is adding terrain to the map, holding left mouse button down and while doing so, scrolls the map simultaneously. However, it doesn't happen right there, but occasionally when the scrolling isn't used anny more and the left mouse button is released, it just keeps on painting more land until the left button is clicked again. I tried with an another mouse but the same thing happens occasionally with it too. Should I buy more mouses (both were new) or is it the above described combination that causes this, although not predictably?

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