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Topic: Improving the AI

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Posted at: 2020-02-16, 20:05

the-x wrote:


exactly that is it, maybe we need sth like a "hard ai"

well if you know how to make one. --> feel free to tell us how this could be implemented in the code.
Seriously we are working hard to bring the Ai into a state where the weak Ai choice really makes sense. Althouigh we are quite far from it I admit.

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Posted at: 2020-02-21, 18:22

king_of_nowhere wrote:

hessenfarmer wrote:

there is already a definition problem: what is a large map? this can't be determined from size. cause if you have only some small islands it is different again and it doesn't need to be water there are other unbuildable terrains as well. So really there can't be any general rule for anything like this.

that's why i suggested that any map has a tag for it. humans themselves can't figure out the big/small map distinction if they don't know the map in advance. and the generic, unmodified algorithm running if there is no tag on the map.

For determining map size, we could use size_t Map::count_all_conquerable_fields() or something similar. This won't solve the computing power problem though.

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