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Topic: Cost table

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Posted at: 2019-06-09, 17:01

WorldSavior wrote:

GunChleoc wrote:

Can we at least agree that this doesn't mean that the RNG is broken?

Yes face-smile.png

Hehe. That's the amusing thing about probability, you can roll 10 1's in a row yet the odds of rolling a 1 next time is still 1/6.

BTW got the Empire in Island at War map recently.

That map has kicked my butt twice now. I have found that I can not win certain maps.

Of course I am still very bad at this game. I'm an old wargamer and the emphasis here is mainly on planning production and allocating resources. Most wargames have a fixed set of assets so the type of flexibility required for this simulation is different. Which is good, this old dog can learn some new tricks I hope... face-smile.png

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Posted at: 2019-06-10, 20:39

@ektor: Seems to be correct

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