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Topic: Slimy dismantle trick!

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Posted at: 2019-06-04, 19:11

I've learned the dirty trick of removing a about to be lost garrison but it seems dirty slimy filthy and like cheating. Not because it's unrealistic, oh no! It's because the AI doesn't do it... Any plans to add that? I know it's a pretty tough judgement call on when to dismantle or not sometimes but one could program the computer to remove 2 man building when attacked by 25 at least. That'd be safe. : )

I'm not yet good enough to beat the AI more than 50% of the time yet but I'm looking forward to when it becomes 100%.

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Posted at: 2019-06-04, 19:27

The AI is just very bad at using tricks, so this doesn't convince me.

I've discovered that it might be very good that dismantling is always permitted. An example: Somebody convinced me to play some matches on a small map against him with the rule that manipulating attacked buildings wasn't allowed, and the result were rather stupid matches: The best strategy was to produce new soldiers only instead of training them. But training needs a better economy and this a very important aspect of Widelands...

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